Anonymous asked:

can you please take a picture of your dorm? and maybe just talk about them a bit. like how clean quality of living etc are they super loud bc in the city etc thanks!!

Hi! I actually live in an off-campus apartment, so I don’t think pictures would help you out too much, but if you go to Northeastern’s housing website you’ll find a lot more information about freshmen residence halls!

Each residence hall is different, so it depends on where you end up, but all of them are definitely clean and kept up nicely. The common areas, hallways, and communal bathrooms are cleaned every day, and then it’s up to you how often your clean your own individual room!

As far as loudness, it will probably never be silent like it would be in the suburbs, but I never found loudness to be a problem. I lived on Hemenway Street and Columbus Ave, two of the busier roads around campus, and never had a problem. By October, you probably won’t even notice the sound of cars - it just becomes background noise.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Anonymous asked:

Does Northeastern require you to take SAT Subject tests?

No! You’re more than welcome to submit them if you’ve taken subject tests, but they are not required.

Anonymous asked:

hi i'm currently looking to apply for colleges in future years and i would like to know the average amount of financial aid that Northeastern provides so i could choose schools accordingly? it currently seems to be out of my budget although it is an amazing school. :/

Hi there, I’m glad you’re starting looking early! Northeastern is definitely an investment, but for most of us here, it’s an investment well worth making. Financial aid is on a case-by-case basis, so I can’t really give you an idea of the amount that you would get. However, just recently Northeastern committed to meet the full demonstrated need of all incoming students!

Besides that, there are merit-based scholarships and need-based grants available through Northeastern, in addition to federal funding as well as outside scholarships. If you’re truly passionate about Northeastern, there are many ways to make it more affordable. If you still want more info, I’m linking you to the financial aid page.

Best of luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been accepted into Northeastern, and although I'm going in as Undecided, I'm thinking of majoring in either psychology, English, or law (I'm really just not quite sure what I want to do yet!) Since you're an English major, could you talk about that a little bit and what your classes are like? :) Also, the size of Northeastern is a little bit intimidating, so I was wondering if you had any input on that! Thanks!

HI there! First off, congratulations!! Those are all great ideas, although technically pre-law isn’t a major, it’s an advising program. They’ll make sure you take all the classes you need to apply to law school, but it’s not technically a major.

As far as being an English major, I absolutely love it. It’s one of the most flexible majors at Northeastern, so there’s quite a few opportunities to try out new things and explore different options. I currently have a double minor (Criminal Justice and International Affairs), and before settling on those, I also took classes in Education to see if I wanted to pursue that minor.

In addition to being flexible, English is one of the smaller majors at NU. Because of that, you’ll have a lot of the same professors, and you’ll definitely have classes with a lot of the same people, which I love. I’ve made some great friends who are English majors through the classes we’ve taken together. A lot of English classes are also more discussion-based, which I find a lot more interesting than lectures. Another note about flexibility - the English program has requirements, but they’re not required classes (with the exception of a select few, like the Introduction to English Studies class), but more categories. For instance, you have a pre-19th century req, but you can take a class on anything from Shakespeare to Milton to the Bible to fulfill it.

As far as size goes, that’s something that I talked about here and here, but to summarize, I completely understand! What I found was that despite being a large school, it’s so easy to find your niche at Northeastern. As long as you can figure out what you’re passionate about, it’s easy to find like-minded students and develop a friend group that makes the school seem so much smaller - I know that’s been the case for me. At the same time, it’s great because you’ll never run out of new people to meet at a school this large, and there’s something to be said for that as well.

Let me know if I can help you with any other questions!

Anonymous asked:

Wow that makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one whose commiting at the last second! I love northeasterns programs and I think it'll shape me into who I want to be.. I just am so intimidated. Did you ever feel that way? It seems like a lot all at once. Also I'm nervous because I feel like I'm so different from everyone at northeastern. Can you describe the people there? Everyone seems so serious and focused: I'm worried an outgoing and pretty laid back/ homebody me won't fit in

Haha no worries, I was going on college visits April vacation of senior year, so I understand! I also completely know what you mean about being intimidated - it’s a lot to process!

One of the things that I like best about Northeastern is how flexible and customized all of their programs are. There’s no set path that you’ll be forced into once you’re here. Northeastern excels at helping you figure out what you want to do and then supporting you as you work towards that goal.

As far as a typical Northeastern student, a lot of us are definitely pretty driven and ambitious, but I also think there’s a lot of room for fun and relaxation as well. It’s a work hard, play hard mentality. Students will work extremely hard in classes or on co-op, but on weekends or after work you’ll find us doing anything from slacklining on the quad to relaxing by the Charles River, or even staying in and watching movies all day on rainy days (that’s what my roommates and I did last Saturday!)

In my honest opinion, if you’re outgoing and laid back, you’ll be able to find so many people that you’ll be friends with here. Whether you find those people in your classes, in your LLC, or in clubs you join is completely up to you. College, and Northeastern especially, is what you make of it, and as long as you choose to try new things and you’re okay with putting yourself out there, you’ll find so much to love at Northeastern. I know I did!

I hope that helped, and let me know if you have any other questions or want more specific info!

Decision Day

May 1 is coming quickly! For me, it means only 2 months left of my second co-op. For you, it’s so much more exciting. Less than a week is left until you decide whether Northeastern is the right fit for you! Personally, I didn’t deposit until April 30, so I understand the pain of deliberating right until the last second.

If you’ve already committed to Northeastern, awesome! I can’t wait to have you on campus and see you around Boston. If you’re still deciding, best of luck! We would love to have you here at Northeastern, but even if you decide your best fit is elsewhere, we wish you nothing but the best.

If you still have any questions that I can answer to help make your decision easier, please feel free to ask. Even if it seems inconsequential, the littlest things can show you which school is right for you! (For instance, Northeastern has the only Taco Bell in Boston. Pretty awesome, right?)

hachlko asked:

Hi! I'm going to be a Northeastern University freshman next year, and I was wondering what it is like to be an undeclared student? I'm pretty sure that I want to major in Psychology, but I'm not totally sure, so I was thinking that I would go in undeclared. But I know orientation is by major etc., so I was wondering if it's better to just declare a major before the start of the school year? I know they have a program for undeclared students, I was just unsure. Thanks!

Hey there! Don’t worry, you won’t be alone - the Undeclared program is our most popular program for incoming freshmen! And if you already have an idea that Psychology is what you want to do, you’re way ahead of the game. The Undeclared program is great because they connect you with representatives (both faculty and students) from all the colleges, so you really get a broad picture of the opportunities available to you. Even if you do go through with Psych as your major, maybe you’ll be exposed to something else through the programs the Undeclared staff put on that you end up loving, and decide to major/minor in!

You won’t be alone at Orientation, your group will be full of other students that are Undeclared, so you’ll be able to make friends across many different fields, which is awesome. If you decide between now and then that Psychology is definitely what you want to pursue, you’ll be able to declare your major before you even get to campus in the fall!

In my opinion, I think that there are a lot of benefits to coming in Undeclared, since a lot of students aren’t really sure of just how much they can do at Northeastern, and Undeclared students get a better idea than most as to the scope of all of our opportunities! My roommate came in Undeclared and she raves about the program - it helped her find her major and minor. Plus you’ll be able to take Psych classes as an Undeclared student, and if you do end up going through with that major, you won’t be behind!

Congratulations on your acceptance, and I can’t wait to see you around campus in the fall!