dance-hype asked:

Hey Sarah! I was accepted early action to Northeastern as an English major and I'm almost positive I'll end up at NU next year! I saw you are an English major and was just curious as to how you like the program. Also, I'm really interested in Neuroscience. Is there any way I can double major in English and neuroscience even though both subject areas are in two separate colleges? Thanks so much!

Hi! Congratulations, I’m so excited for you! I love the English program here. It’s smaller than some of the other Northeastern programs, which I love. It allows you to really get closer with other students and the professors in your major, and that’s incredibly helpful whether you’re looking for recommendations or just somebody’s advice. I also enjoy how flexible the program is. Students have career intentions that range from law school to publishing to writing. Because of that, there’s a wide variety of classes that you can pick from depending on your interests.

As far as neuroscience, it’s absolutely possible to double major, and it’s even easier to have a minor. The main thing to be aware of if you’re double majoring (as opposed to a dual or combined major) is that you’ll need to take all the classes for both of your separate majors. It’s possible, it just leaves you with a lot less flexibility. Picking up a minor would enable you to enjoy both subjects and still have plenty of flexibility with requirements. But if you’re truly passionate about double majoring, then talk to your adviser and figure out how you could make that work!

Good luck and hopefully I’ll see you around campus, or maybe in class sometime!

Anonymous asked:

is neu generous with their scholarships?

Northeastern’s financial aid is on a case-by-case basis, and therefore everybody’s scholarships will be different. We do have competitive merit scholarships which students are considered for when they apply. Additionally, as announced yesterday, Northeastern has committed to meet the full demonstrated need of all incoming freshmen. We’ve also committed to provide $221 million in institutional grants, not loans, for the upcoming year. 

If you have questions about your specific financial aid situation, I’ll link you to their website and you should definitely contact your financial aid adviser! 

set-phasers-to-sob asked:

hey, there! i'm an accepted northeastern student trying to make a final decision. you may have already answered a question like this, but does northeastern have a sense of community? since the university is such a part of the city and larger than other schools, i thought that might be a concern.

Hi there! Congratulations on your acceptance! I completely understand where you’re coming from - I went to the same small school from kindergarten right through my senior year of high school, and my graduating class was only 52 kids, so I was incredibly nervous about going to a school with 16,000 undergrads.

What I found was an incredible sense of community. That’s one thing that LLCs (which you’re required to live in as an incoming freshman) really help with. It makes the freshman class of 2,800 seem a lot smaller when you’re living with a group of 100. I was lucky enough to meet some of my very best friends that I still live with today on the floor of my freshman residence hall.

Besides LLCs, joining clubs is absolutely the best way to find your niche here at Northeastern. Again, some of my best friends are other members of Husky Ambassadors, which is the group of students who lead campus tours and serve in other roles for the admissions department. Becoming involved with them really made my Northeastern experience what it is.

Besides that, Northeastern definitely has its own sense of community. Despite being in the middle of Boston, we have a very well defined campus, so you’ll always feel like you’re at Northeastern when you’re there. (Then you get to walk 10 minutes and be in the heart of downtown Boston, so it’s a win-win.) As far as other schools in the area, there are definitely distinctions between colleges, and you’ll always identify with your own college, but part of what makes Boston an amazing college town is all the opportunities that are available for ALL college students.

The most concise and honset answer that I can give you is that to me, Northeastern is my home. It feels like home, both as a place and because of the people. And that’s the best testament I can give to the sense of community that we have here!

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm going to be attending Northeastern this fall, and I'm torn about what to do with the housing situation. Would you suggest trying to find a roommate, or just going with the random selection survey? Also, is it worth it to be in a major-specific LLC or something like the fusion one where you can meet kids from different majors?

Hi! First of all - congratulations! I’m excited you’ll be on campus in the fall. I think it depends on what you’re looking for. Personally, I went for a random roommate with the housing survey and it worked out fine for me. But if you meet someone on the Facebook page or at a Welcome Day that you want to live with, that could work out great for you as well. I know Jess, another blogger, did that and loved it! You just have to be sure that you both want to live in the same LLC.

There are pros and cons to picking an academic LLC. On the bright side, you’ll always have people to help you with your homework, and you’ll become really close with people you’ll be in classes with for your entire undergrad career. For me, though, I wanted to meet people outside my major, since I’d be seeing those people a lot over the years anyway. I lived in the Community Service LLC and absolutely adored it. I met so many different people I would never have met otherwise, and became interested in other majors because of it. (Fun fact, that’s why I picked up both of my minors!) It was also nice to take a break from feeling surrounded by academic things. That being said, I have friends who lived in their respective Engineering, Business, or Nursing LLCs and had great experiences, so I don’t think you can lose!

Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll meet some amazing people. The four girls I’ve lived with for the past 3 years all lived on my floor in my freshman year LLC. The most important thing is to decide what you want and then make the best of the situation! (An example - my best friend was an Engineering major living in the Community Service LLC, but went over to visit her friends in that LLC to do homework and see everybody from her classes. Win win!)

Good luck!

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm an incoming freshmen and I am currently failing AP Calculus (I have a 68....) Do you think NEU will rescind my EA decision due to a D on my final transcript? Do you know anybody who's been rescinded and can you share how/why? I'm kind of really freaking out!! :( Thank you so much in advance

Hi! First of all congratulations on being accepted! Unfortunately, I can’t give you a definite answer to your question because admissions decisions are on a case-by-case basis. If you contact, they’ll be able to talk about your situation and what you can do to make sure everything works out for you! Best of luck and I hope to see you at Northeastern in the fall.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I just got admitted into the engineering department! I am from a small rural town in Idaho, and while I have visited many large cities, I haven't had the opportunity to live in one. Is the Northeastern campus relatively safe? Do you have any tips for me? Thank you!

Congratulations!! We have a fantastic engineering program. As far as city life goes, I’m from a small town in New Hampshire, so I completely understand being nervous about the adjustment. And it definitely is an adjustment. For me, it was a positive change because of just how much there is to do in Boston! You can walk 5 minutes in any direction and run into something exciting, as opposed to driving for 15 minutes to get anywhere. 

As far as safety, Northeastern’s campus is honestly probably one of the safest places in Boston. We have our very own university police department, NUPD, who patrol regularly on bikes and in cars and have multiple offices on campus. In addition to NUPD, Boston Police also has headquarters right next to campus. Between those two forces, there’s a steady police presence on campus just in case anything were to happen. We also have a blue-light system with phones to call NUPD,and all students get the NUPD number to put into their phones at orientation in case you need to contact them.

Living in a city is different from small towns, so obviously you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings and don’t do anything stupid, but I’ve lived in 3 different places now, both on and off campus, and I’ve never felt unsafe, whether I’m walking home at 3pm or 11pm. Try to walk with friends whenever you can and keep an eye out, and you should be fine.

Let me know if there are any other questions you have about the transition to city life, or anything else! And congratulations again :)

Anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite and least favorite things about Northeastern? Thanks!

I’m actually going to be lazy and link back to this post I did a few weeks ago about my favorite/least favorite things about Northeastern AND Boston so you’ll get two questions in one :) If you want more detail, let me know and I’ll try to elaborate!

Relay for Life at Northeastern!

I’m currently on my third cup of coffee at work, and would you like to know why? Okay, I’ll tell you. Besides my general affinity for anything caffeinated, tonight is Relay for Life!

For those of you who don’t know, Relay is an event that raises funds and awareness about cancer. Northeastern’s Relay event is tonight, and from 6pm-6am I will be walking (along with a lot of my friends, including other Husky Ambassadors and student bloggers!) as we fight cancer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Relay at Northeastern (or even donating to the cause), check out their webpage here. They also have a Twitter, @NEURelayForLife

It’s going to be an amazing night, and even though I have to work at 8am on Saturday, I couldn’t be more excited to participate for the 3rd year in a row with some of my favorite people!